Information Technology Resources & Solutions for the Ski Resort Industry


    Ski-Tel (aka SkiTelligence) was conceived to provide cutting edge Information Techology solutions and services for the Global Ski Resort, Hospitality, Amusement, and Theme Park related industries.

    The Ski-Tel Executive Team represents a collective of successful individuals from the Silicon Valley High Tech Sector, Ski Resort Industry, and the Theme/Amusement/Entertainment Industries.

    By merging the best minds in these related industries with the latest Silicon Valley technologies and concepts Ski-Tel is able to provide IT solutions and resources customized and tailored for Resort related industries to maximize their profit and efficiency.

    Check out our Products & Services. We offer a wide variety of Products & Solutions for any size resort. We offer both Commercial and Open Source (Community) products that you can either download and install/run with your own resources, we can host entire solutions for you in the Cloud, or we can provide resources to help you implement our products on your internal systems.

    We can also provide more strategic level Ski Resort consulting services to help you optimize your Information Technology, Online Presence, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and High Tech Marketing Strategy.